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Get ready for the barbeque season with the Ultimate Silicone Tongs used by Professional Chefs everywhere. 

 Professional Grade Stainless Steel is covered in areas with Silicone.  The comfort cushioned grips on sides makes grilling a pleasure, and the

Silicone covers the clam shell shaped Stainless Steel end grips creating a non-slip and non-stick surface for your grill

choices leaving your food mar proof for a stellar presentation to your family and guests.

You'll love grilling with your new Silicone and Stainless Steel Tongs!

Dishwasher Safe and Takes up to 480 degrees of Grill and Oven heat!

A full 12" in length to keep from getting burnt.  When you purchase this today, we will throw in a second 9" sized tong for tossing and serving your salads!  Absolutely Free. 

Makes a great gift for Weddings, Birthdays for your favorite Chef or Cook, Anniversaries and a Just Because gift for your daughter or daughter-in-law!


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