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  • Nike Air Foamposite One PRM Safari Anthracite

    Like New Pair Of

    Nike Air Foamposite One PRM  Safari AnthraciteOrange / Black

    This pair is in like new conditioon.

    stylish, comfortable and durable.

    mens size 8

    With original box

    All sales are final as I have a long standing positive sales record.

    If you are in doubt on how they will fit stop into your local nike store and try on a pair of foamposites to make sure that the size 8 will fit properly.


    suggested retail price is $249.99

    Sale price $100 plus shipping $15.00

    I accept paymnet through my Paypal link below. simply click the link and you will be taken directly to paypal.

    Feel free to contact me with any questions you have before buying.


    Buy Now With Paypal $115.00 inclusdes SHP





  • Custom Websites For Local Business

    Custom Website Design For Local Business'

    If you have a local business and need more traffic and sales, we can help.

    With over 10 years in web design and more importantly SEO services we can create a custom eye catching website to fit your business.

    Not only will we build a highly responsive website but we will also ensure that your new site actually gets seen by real people who are looking for you online.

    Our SEO services ensure first page rankings in multiple google searches which will ensure your long term continued website traffic.

    Contact us today for a Free no Obligation consultation.

    We will lay out a plan that fits any budget.

    Fill in the contact from and we will get back with you ASAp

    Thank You


    Local Lead Connection



    If you've been shopping for a pair of wireless headphones with premium sound and good looks as chief priorities, you may have experienced a bit of sticker shock -- the premium Bluetooth headphone tier is filled with options exceeding $250. The trouble is, many budget-friendly options tend to lack in the style department and don't do much to instill confidence that they'll sound much better than they look. Enter the Böhm B66 wireless headphones. These on-ears are crafted from aluminum, garnished with fine beveled edges, accented with plush leatherette material, sport smooth, clean lines, and sound far better than you'd expect for their asking price. Oh, and let's toss in some decent active noise-cancelling in there just to up the ante.

    The Böhm B66 offer better sound quality than you might expect, with clearly rendered midrange and treble, and enough weighty bass to satisfy. Don't expect to hear the lowest of the lows -- these on-ears aren't miracle workers -- but there's plenty of punch here, and the B66 stop short of overbearing bass. Music sounds rich, and watching movies is a treat thanks to low latency and clear dialog, even among the din of explosive sound effects. Certainly, a more refined sound signature can be had from pricier headphones, but we think owners will be pretty happy with the price-to-performance ratio.

    The B66 utilize Bluetooth 4.0 with a claimed 33-foot range, though that changes quickly as you move around corners and restrict line of sight. Böhm claims the headphones take three hours to charge and will last 18 hours per full charge, though the louder you listen, the shorter the listening window will be. Still, a respectable run-time at this price point, and if your battery runs out, a headphone cable with inline microphone is included.

  • Gourmet Beef Jerky 2.85oz Reclosable Bags 8 Flavor

     USA Gourmet Beef Jerky Marinated Aged Cured Beef Brisket 2.85oz Resealable Bag (8 Flavors To Choose From)By Hangover Joes

    • Whiskey (Bourbon) New Orleans Cured Beef Jerky
    • Memphis Dry Rub BBQ Beef Jerky
    • IPA Beer Cured Beef Jerky
    • Western Style Outlaw Beef Jerky
    • Sake Teriyaki Beef Jerky
    • Vodka Infused & Cured Peppered & Sea Salted Beef Jerky
    • Tequila Lime Habanero Beef Jerky
    • Rum & Coconut Campfire Pirate Beef Jerky
    • The beauty of our jerky is in it’s diversity and gourmet cured craft.
    About the Product
    • USA PREMIUM BEEF BRISKET JERKY: Made from hand selected premium USA Beef Brisket. Aged,cured,marinated, then slowly cooked to perfection resulting in moist, hearty, tender award winning beef jerky.
    • GOURMET BEEF JERKY: We take a lot of pride in making our gourmet style, high quality tender cut jerky products. Rest assured when ordering our beef jerky products you are receiving only the highest quality U.S. beef, unlike most jerky on the market today, which are imported. We have refined our jerky making process and flavors. We have worked for some time to create this line of what we think will be an award winning, world famous beef jerky.
    • GREAT FLAVOR VARIETY:Our beef Jerky will have an influence from these regions with Whiskey (Bourbon) New Orleans Cured Beef Jerky, Memphis Dry Rub BBQ Beef Jerky, IPA Beer Cured Beef Jerky, , Western Style Outlaw Beef Jerky, Sake Teriyaki Beef Jerky, Vodka Infused & Cured Peppered & Sea Salted Beef Jerky, Tequila Lime Habanero Beef Jerky, plus Rum & Coconut Campfire Pirate Beef Jerky. The beauty of our jerky is in it’s diversity and gourmet cured craft.
    • AWESOME JERKY GIFT: Our Jerky makes the perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, sporting events (super bowl parties) or just a great everyday healthy low fat high protein snack. With eight unique varieties to choose from we are sure there are a few flavors for everyone's taste. Which one will be your favorite? Order some today!


    Product Description

    Flavor: Multi

    Tired of that stale poor quality beef jerky you get at your local convenience store? Well Stress No More.

    Introducing Hangover Joe’s, a brand that carries a full line of aged, cured Premium USA Beef Brisket Jerky.

    H-Joe take’s pride in making gourmet style high quality tender cut jerky products.

    H-Joe has successfully refined the process of making beef jerky. Making sure you receive only the highest quality USA BEEF JERKY on the market today.

    Featuring eight original flavors.

    H-Joe uses a blended marinade of alcohol and spices. Which brings out the distinctive flavors of our beef jerky.

    After just one bite you will know that this is not like any other brand on the market.

    This is not your Fathers or Grandfathers beef jerky!

    You will LOVE the quality of our Jerky and you will love the outstanding gourmet flavors.

    H-Joe Beef Jerky is absolutely JERKYLICIOUS.

    Order yours Today! Only $10.00 Per Bag Free Shipping to all USA destinations Including military

    Order All 8 and Save $15.00


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People Helping People

Great causes supported by people and organizations worldwide.

Crowd Funding Campaigns


  • Palm Bay Rockets

    The Undefeated Palm Bay Rockets Midget Football Team has qualified for the Pop Warner Nationals to be held at the ESPN Wide World of Sports to be held December 7-13, 2013. We just qualified on 11/30/2013 and the all funds need to be paid in full on December 5th! Please help us to meet our goal to stay at the Walt Disney World Resort and to compete for the National title.

    Many teams have begun this journey across the country, but only 8 remain in our classification. Help us come home with the trophy and make Brevard County proud! We have been fundraising all season long, doing car washes, bucket drops and pancake breakfasts, but some of our funds have been spent during our post season which has already consisted of 6 games against teams from Deltona, Daytona, North Fort Myers, Miami, Orlando and Jacksonville. We are hoping that our community can help us achieve our dreams of playing in the Pop Warner Super Bowl.

    All donations are tax deductible.Tax ID # 23-1582287

  • "Callie Cares"

    "Callie Cares" helps local food banks and homeless shelters with their local fundraising efforts. We provide structure and organization services to help our causes receive maximum impact for their fundraising events. All proceeds raised go directly to our causes. 

  • Indian River Spoil Island Cleanup Project


    I remember back in my younger days of being a kid, waiting as patiently as I could for Dad to get home from work on a Friday afternoon so we could load up the boat and head to the islands for a camping trip.

    It seemed like it took forever to get from the Melbourne causeway to the second island south of the ramp. The anticipation of getting the camp set up so I could finally, after waiting all week, daydreaming about catching gator trout would finally come to be.

    It seemed at the time like mother nature was always against us as we headed toward the islands, black clouds , thunder and lightning were just part of getting there. However as the skies cleared and the winds lay down, the unmistakable sound of Trout crashing through schools of bait was more than enough to get the work done so the pursuit of the big one could begin.

    Needles to say over the past 40 or so years the spoil islands have been reshaped, and for some even dissipated. The tiny pieces of land that to this day still create new memories as i now take my own sons to chase fish around them.

    Unfortunately there will always be a mindset that has no concern for the islands. No sense of responsibility to what nature has provided to us as a peaceful retreat from our normal life. A place where you can sit quietly on the shore and see porpoises gliding by. Manatee playing, and birds of different shapes and sizes walking the shallows looking for a meal.

    A place where families can come together to share a meal, the old timers sitting under the pines sharing stories fo the one's that got away, while the youngsters enjoy the water.

    The trash that is left behind by those that don't care is not only an eyesore for others but a potential hazard for the birds and other wildlife.

    The cleaner the islands remain the better for all.

    With the winter upon us and the pressure of the islands until the spring it is the best time to go from island to island and do a complete cleanup.

    From old rusty grills that are left behind to cans, bottles and countless other items that don't belong it takes time, and resources to do an effective cleanup of each island.

    This is why we are asking for your help.

    Your donations will go to help purchase garbage bags and bin, to gas for the boats to pick up and haul away all the refuse. The finds will also help cover water and lunch for all the volunteers.

    If you would like to volunteer your time as well to help cleanup please feel free to contact us.

    Islands we will be cleaning.There are about 12 islands between the Melbourne causeway and Sebastian inlet that are the most visited through the summer months . These will be the ones we will concentrate our efforts on.

    We will also run the west shoreline to gather any trash wash up.

    We appreciate any donation you can make toward this effort and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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