What we do...

The Maxous eCommerce platform started as a dream several years ago. Our goal was to create an environment whereby anyone, regardless of their budget, could create an online presence and jump-start their business.

Today, we are proud to service over 6,000+ clients and growing every day. Start selling today in the United States — or go global — with the world’s most exciting eCommerce platform.

Who we are...

The people behind Maxous are a diversified and experienced group of technology, financial and business professionals, having helped to develop million dollar brands across multiple industries.

We serve our clients with respect, passion, conviction and a heart for improving the lives of millions of families across the globe.

How we do it...

We believe in making the web a better place. Our team of talented developers conceptualize, test and implement cutting-edge technologies to create the ultimate ecommerce platform.

This simple and easy to use platform app will help you find and sell to the right shoppers, wherever they are.


Rene Larralde

Founder, Owner

Rene has worked for several multibillion dollar companies over the past 30 years. He’s a goal oriented entrepreneur with a track record of proven success.

He is a seasoned professional in the areas of technology, business management, project management, web development, internet marketing and social media technologies.

He attained the highest executive titles with multiple companies and has helped countless families improve their quality of life all across the globe.

His passion for helping others inspired him to develop the Maxous ultimate eCommerce platform.


Julius Covington Sr.

Advisory Board Member - I.T. Senior Business Analyst

Julius has performed at the highest levels as a Senior Business Systems Analyst, He traveled throughout the Northeast/Midwest training his fellow employees on new applications created by the I.T. department. Which included testing the apps for issues and creating the training manuals, until retiring in 2019.

Julius is a technology enthusiast and has been involved with web development online since late 1999 part-time, creating websites for others, and hosting them on a leased server.

Over the years, he’s created several advertising, membership programs and promotional tools to form his own small advertising network. While developing his own platforms, he earned recognition from multiple companies as a top affiliate.

Julius has expertise marketing locally using traditional radio & newspaper advertising, as well as new digital ads promoting a multitude of products and services. He has experience conducting training sessions with hundreds of people in-person and webinars.

Julius has a passion for helping others!


Brian Early

Advisory Board Member - Business Development & Training Professional

Brian Early (Coach BE) brings over 25 years of business development, management and ownership to the MAXOUS Advisory Board.  His experience as a high school teacher and road manager for a #1 Recording Artist both lend to his ability to positively impact peoples lives in various industries.

Coach BE has been a student of the monetization model for many years and understood the vision of MAXOUS immediately upon being introduced to the platform.  He joined our team and has played an integral role in the development of what we have available today.

Coach’s willingness and love of helping people has helped him develop successful businesses by understanding that customer service, transparency, and integrity are core values for both business and personal growth.  We look forward to working together for years to come as we expand MAXOUS globally.


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