7 Ways Making Money Online Are Way Cooler Than Michael Jordan

Not all of us have air-defying skills as smooth as Michael Jordan. And as cool as it is to shoot hoops, nothing could get you any way cooler than using your skills to be the best while making money online

Before checking out our list, bear in mind that you can always just select one or two. Or even juggle a mix of these money-making methods, so if you find that income gets slow in method one, you can still get through with methods three or six.

To make money online, go be:

1. A virtual assistant. For great pay, prepare to work closely with someone and do a variety of jobs, from data entry to file organization. Virtual assistants make as much as $10 to $28 per hour (PayScale) and $21K to $120K per year (ZipRecruiter).

2. An online tutor. Got the brains to teach Math, English, or different languages? Then sign up for tutor platforms, like Chegg. With years and experience, perhaps, you can soon open your own tutoring business.

3. A website tester. Yes, you can get paid to test websites! Plus: you get to help the business owner improve his or her website. How cool is that?

Or do:

4. Print-on-demand (POD). If creating quirky, catchy designs for t-shirts or merch sounds great, then do it. Promote your designs and then get them printed through POD providers like Printful.

5. Online selling. Nowadays, there’s just a robust list of platforms that you can use to sell a range of things. Start with taking good pictures of the product you want to sell and prepare a complete description before downloading any app or signing up.

6. Gigs in Fiverr. Great for getting new or challenging opportunities, the user-friendly platform allows you to offer services, connect with customers, and get paid. Typical gig folks include, but are not limited to, designer, voiceover artist, and video editor.
7. eBook publishing. Got a flair for sharing your ideas, stories, or knowledge in words? Then make it into an eBook and promote it through Amazon, Weebly, or Nook Press.

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