> Advanced Service Plans

Below is a list of additional service plans that Maxous offers in addition to original hosting plans.

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> E-commerce

Zen CartWith your choice of online merchant services and Dansie's Shopping cart, you have the necessary tools to make your web site a success in the world of E-commerce.

Zen Cart BookZen Cart - Building an Online Store the Zen Way - For Beginners is the first ever eBook for building successful ecommerce stores using Zen Cart , the most feature-rich, most customizable ecommerce software ever designed.
  • CostCo Merchant Services
  • Authorize.net
  • Ecommerce Exchange
  • Clear Commerce
  • BofA e-Stores
  • and more

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> Reseller Program

If you have 10 or more domains hosted with us then you qualify for our Reseller program. For a low $9.50/mo. per domain you get all of the same great services but at a reduced rate.

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> Specialty Services:

For any business, small or large, we offer the following:

Full HTML Services Custom CGI Programming
Listserver Hosting (E-zines) Custom Java, Java script
SQL Server (mysql & postgres) Python and Perl enabled servers
Virtual FTP Server Custom web interfaces
Custom Flash programming Cutting Edge Graphics
Market Consultation Custom Cold Fusion Programming
Multi Email Autoresponders Secure Server SSL
SubDomains for your domain  

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> Listserver Hosting

MailManWe are your #1 source for Listservers, Email Discussion Groups, Talklists, Announcement Lists and E-Zine distribution! While a "talklist" can take many forms, the most popular format is best described as an "Email Discussion Group." Popular groups include: Church Organizations, Professional Organizations, Clubs, Company Hotlines, Support Groups, Tech Support or any topic you want!
We also provide you with an online 7 day server stats report so you can monitor and edit your own list growth, a great marketing tool!.
Every listserver comes with the ability to Subscribe and Unsubscribe from any web page on your own web site, with a simple inline HTML insert that we provide for you on sign-up.
E-zine owner's, you no-longer need to just send boring text based emails! With our listservers you can now send your message in a vibrant HTML format adding color and images to your message, keeping your readers intrested and coming back for more.

Listserver Hosting Fees
0 - 5000 Subscribers
Requires minimum hosting package, Plan A
5001 + Subscribers
Requires minimum hosting package, Plan B or greater.

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> Secure Server SSL

Many business on the internet are now realizing the power of online sales. Secure online transaction is a must in protecting your customers transactions from falling into the wrong hands. MarkeTrends can provide that needed security for your online business. Contact us today and we'll make your order form secure.
Secure Server SSL for non domain sites: $45.00 setup and $10.00 per month.

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> Dedicated SQL Server

Does your company have special database needs? Marketrends can provide you with the capability of creating a custom database and web interface to administer and access your data.
Here is an example of what we can provide for your companies needs. See: carlist.com's search engine site.
Dedicated SQL service prices are based on a by-project basis. Contact us for a quote.

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> ColdFusion Enterprise MX Services

Macromedia ColdFusion MX is the fastest way to build and deploy powerful Web applications. Create the applications you need - quickly and easily - with
ColdFusion MX, including content-publishing systems, online stores, business reporting and self-service solutions. Build applications quickly with an intuitive tag-based scripting language and rich, visual tools - ColdFusion Studio and Dreamweaver UltraDev. Easily assemble powerful solutions using the open ColdFusion architecture and built-in search and carting capabilities. Deliver high performance and reliability with the proven ColdFusion Server.

$120.00 per year including multiple ODBC connections.

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> Virtual FTP Service

Would you like the capability to... ftp, ftp.yourdomain.com? We can provide you with this capability. By setting up a domain name and creating a virtual ftp server for you, your customers will be able to ftp, ftp.yourdomain.com and retreive software or documents or any other files you might wish to distribute via the Internet. Once your domain is registered Virtual ftp can be provided.
Virtual FTP Service fees: $30.00 setup and $50.00 per month, includes 500mb disk space, additional disk space billed at $20.00 per 500mb.

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> Domain Piggy Backing

It is possible to have more than one domain point to the same web site or to a seperate site within your existing login account. This is known as 'domain piggy backing'. There is $10.00 per year fee per piggyback.

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> SubDomain Feature

Would you like the ability to have your web page address look like http://www.support.somdomain.com instead of http://www.somedomain/support?
For a one time setup fee of $35.00 this service can provide you with a great deal of flexibility in the way your web site address can appear.
Just ask for it by name "SubDomain" and we will add it to your service plan.