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 Professinal Chefs love silicone baking mats for their ability to bake and brown foods evenly without burning them.  their non-stick silicone surface makes it easy to remove foods without marring them, making for a stellar food presentation to your family and guests.

Line your favorite roasting pan or cookie sheet with a baking mat and then add your food on top and put in an oven up to 480 Degrees Farhenheit. 

Use for cookies, candies, pastries, meringues, biscuits.... and salmon, chicken, bacon, roasts, potatoe wedges, your favorite baked vegetables..... and cold use for candies, cake decorating for a non- stick surface for your frosting decorations, fudges and peppermint bark, or for shaping crescent rolls and pie crusts.

Eliminates the need for parchment paper, wax paper, foils, oils, butters and vegetable sprays.  With the use of silicone baking mats you won't be scraping burnt foods off of your pans any longer.

Easy Clean up!  Just use dish soap and a sponge and stand on end to drip dry.   Store flat, folded or rolled.  100% BPA Free Silicone.   Size: 11.81" X 15.75" 

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