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Longterm Stable Company Now Offerring #Forex Trading & #BITCOIN Packs! Daily Payouts + Compounding!!! REGISTER FREE @


 USI-TECH is a technology company which specializes in the development of automated trading software in the FOREX market.

In the last 8 years, more than 100 software versions with different characteristics have been developed and successfully employed in long-term tests.

Our top-class development team has over 20 years of experience. Some software systems have been developed for trading in direct cooperation with reputable brokers according to their specifications.

The objective for USI-TECH was the logical development of a fully automated trading software, with which "smaller" investors may also participate in the FOREX market. Originating from the technical complexity and many characteristics of the FOREX market this project could now be successfully completed, after 7 years of intensive development work. As a result, today, the company can offer a fully automatic trading software to its customers. In numerous intensive tests consistently outstanding results were achieved, in practice, with excellent profits.

Our offer consists of a software life-time license associated with a continuous service. It allows trading in the FOREX exchange market without needing any expertise. Furthermore, we also provide a continuous clear summary of trading, in addition to the respective broker account. With this combination, consisting of our software and service, it is now possible for the first time, to act without own expertise, in a highly complex market with excellent profits.


Our Products

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  • Automated trading systems specifically tailored to the MT4 trading platform for the FOREX market.

  • Anyone can easily install the software on the MT4 trading platform. The installation and application is explained step by step through a simple guide.

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Our unique algorithms which differ completely from the use of common indicators and may not be readily copied can deal with extreme market fluctuations, without incurring high risks of loss.

Maximum risk reduction in a highly risky fast paced market environment on the basis of medium- and long-term strategies with continuous returns up to 100% per year.

  • After nearly a decade of planning and preparation, we start a unique project.

  • USI-TECH opens the world of high finance to anyone with excellent profits. A completely new form of making money. Supplemented with the possibility of referral marketing on the basis of a unique compensation plan.

  • A business opportunity that can be used by anyone to achieve their own returns or to build a substantial income via referral marketing.

  • With a unique marketing plan which distribute above-average commissions in depth from the beginning without any qualification barriers.

  • Bonus and commission offers in extraordinary dimensions for the recognition of individual success.

The FOREX exchange market is the market with the highest capital turnover in the world and operates 24 hours 5 days a week.

It is almost impossible to obtain enduring profits in this market without professional tools.


More than 80% of traders lose money in this market, continuously. A key reason is, among other things, the psychological factor of the people and the lack of experience.

Therefore, not only the person, but also increasingly highly intelligent software systems generate fantastic chances of profit on the market.


An automated trading system has originated from these findings, which provides access to the most liquid market in the world with excellent profits for ANYONE.

With an experienced team of specialists, which constantly works on the improvement of the existing parameters to optimize the strategy. Also, new strategies are continuously designed and tested in order to guarantee long-term success.


The customer benefits at the acquisition and use of our trading software, from the entire expertise and decades of experience of USI-TECH. The customer has complete control of deposits and commercial operations by opening a trading account with the affiliated broker. Through the unique highly complex algorithms the risk is optimally minimized, with excellent chances of profit.



Continuity and quality in supporting our customers with our exclusive offer and knowledge. Continuous further development and improvement of our software with a permanent extension of our capabilities to meet any customer's needs.


Frequently asked questions, you certainly will be interested in, summarized here in short form.

No additional costs on the part of USI-TECH are incurred after the one-time purchase of a software life-time license. The permanent software customization and maintenance performance is included in the license price.

Through the opening of your own trading account with the affiliated broker. The deposits and disbursement of possibly earned profits may be achieved via the usual payment methods (Netseller, bank transfer, credit card, etc.) offered by the broker.

We have optimally minimized the risk with our unique algorithms and a conservative trading strategy. In the worst case scenario losses can exceed the deposits. However, the trade may be interrupted, at any time, by stopping the trading software.

The company USI-TECH Limited, registration number ICC20160282, has its headquarters in Dubai.

The minimum age is 18 years as the participants according to law must have full legal capacity.

For commissions which originate from the referral network there are no qualification requirements (see description of compensation plan).

Longterm Stable Company Now Offerring #Forex Trading & #BITCOIN Packs! Daily Payouts + Compounding!!! REGISTER FREE @



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