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Live HDTV  LLC Worldwide .
HDTV , is a Max Opportunity To Control Your 
Options with Cable Companies given you what
They want to allow you to view at their expanded 
Price. With Cable Companies Charging More money
For Their Services .  HDTV Worldwide is Answering 
The Call For Action. " Fire Your Cable Company "
900 + Stations , 1000 of Movies . HDefinition  24.00 a month

Why you should buy the HDTV , Option !  Because 
You Get More TV , and You are in Control . You save
Money , get alot more options . See more TV , and 
You can own and control it all .  The only requirement
Is you have to keep your cable company for a basic 
internet connection.  so you do not fire them fully 
Yet you control the Best part , your TV viewing.


Added feature For Local TV Reach , we offer also at this time in the Local Areas of your Home Reach , This Benefit Is For Folks whom may want Local TV programs such as ABC , NBC , CBC , Fox , Local Affiliates . Using Our OTA , Reciever . We do Complete Installs . In Orlando  and Larger Cities Our Indoor OTA , will pick up 25-30 channels , Local Stations for HD reception . Easy to set up , and can be sent to you via US Mail . small shipping charge . On Our More advanced OTA system we can reach out to pick up 60-75 channels for you and Get you great HDefinition picture . Local news stations and other great programs . This is for those that want to get rid of Their Cable Bill . 

NOTE : Our Indoor OTA Recievers can be shipped to anywhere in the USA or Canada , Carib Islands . Easy set up and can reach in most cities up to 25 to 30 channels . Ideal for people that desire basic TV viewing and No cable to pay for . These OTA , are working in Many areas of the Nation , and the Islands. Cost 50.00 to 60.00 dollars , and small shipping Fee . Enjoy Basic 25-30 channels . No Monthly Cost After this . Great Economy Package  , call for details . One Fee sets you up for years . Ideal for Cable replacement for people that watch no alot of TV . But need some TV HD programs.

Many satisfied Customers Love our Programs , and are always wanting to refer friends , and family members to us .  You will be glad to make the switch and get a very nice TV package .  24.00 a month for the Box system , with 900 + channels , and 1000 of Movies .  We do Business in The USA , And Carib Islands . 

Call Our Customer Service , where your the most important product.

Save Money
24.00 A Month  You Own Your System
No long term contracts
No equipment to Buy or rent
HD quality TV , and Movies
Yearly Pay Plan , 6 months pay plan
3 months pay plan . or monthly plan
Option to purchase system with No 
Further payments .  
Cable service well maintained 
Good support 
Service to the USA , Carb Islands , 
All nations in the free world .
No Installation Needed , plug and play
Over 1000s live channels , 4800 movies 
and new ones added daily .  see world 
wide sports , No Limits , HBO , and all 
popular programs people love .
Cinemax , Entertainment Plus , Movies 
All at No extra cost , and No more extra
Charges like cable companies charge for
a upgrade . You now are in control of Your
own custom movie , and TV viewing
Lower your cable Cost , get better 
programs , You are in control over 
Price increases , and expensive programs

Call Corp Office today and get the information You 
Need , No obligation , You are intitled to the facts
we offer you a great choice .  Our Customers have 
all expressed their complete satisfaction in our 
great program , and service . They now have so 
much more for all the members of the family And
Are very happy they did the switch to HDTV , amazing
Performance TV Option to Cable .  Call Our Corp and
Get your information today :   Call 321 684 9600 
For Customer Service .  Also view our website for More Info below
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