06/18/2017, martha

martha zatourian    


                      I  love to shop great deals at jcpenney. I saved $166.00 in my discounts. I bought 8 ladies summer short sleeve tshirts 6 liz claiborne sets necklace and earrimgs and a beautiful ladies timex bracelet watch. My order

cost $125.00 but I saved $166.00 in my discounts. It is great to shop with maxous.



                                                                                                             martha zatourian


06/12/2017, Ron
Maximizing Maxous

Ron Portzer

There seems to be a world of opportunity with Maxous. Every day I learn something. The concept is special because we have an opportunity to reach out to the world in useful service from our personal location. My prayer and effort is to maximize the opportunity to reach out in service to reap rewards to plow back into becoming better in all areas of life.

06/12/2017, martha
shopping at walmart

martha zatourian

             I went shopping again at walmart. I got some real bargains, nightshirt, peanut butter, light bulbs,barilla pasta, and a case for my tablet. I saved money, good bargains.


                                                                              martha zatourian

06/08/2017, Linda
Got 2 $25.00 Restaurant Coupons at 5 star Restaurant for only $12.00



I wanted to take a friend out for their coming birthday and checked the local restaurants and found a great deal at a 5 star restaurant.  I got 2 $25.00 Restaurant Certificates worth $50.00 for only $12.00!  They were originally supposed to be $20.00, but received an extra 40% off the already discounted price with a savings coupon offered by them.  Can hardly wait to go there!  Thanks Maxous for your Fantastic Premium Benefits Portal!      

                                                         Linda Eggleston






Your deals are ready in your Account. Use on-the-go with with our Mobile App, or print anytime. Sign in to Restaurant.com and dig in. Bon Appétit!


2 Vangelis - $25 Gift Certificate
Subtotal: $20.00
Savings: ($8.00)
Total: $12.00

06/08/2017, Elise
copper frying pan

Elise Hood


             I am so excited I just purchased copper nonstick 12 inch frying pan with my $25.00 amazon gift card from maxous. This is an item I wanted to buy for along time. I will be shopping with maxous. 


                                                                                                           thank you,

                                                                                                             elise hood

06/05/2017, martha
The best website Jet.com

Martha Zatourian


            Hi fellow teammates by now everyone knows that jet.com is my favorite website. They have the lowest prices

on just about everything and free shipping on orders $35.00 minimum and the best customer service in the world. 

You can find just about everythiong you need and want to buy. I buy my gifts year round. I would give jet.com 5 stars 

everyone needs to experience the jet.com wonderful buying opportunity. I buy from website all the time. 

Thank you for reading my testimonial.

06/01/2017, Elise
my shopping at vera bradley

Elise Hood

           I am so excited to get my order from vera bradley, since the quality of the products are superb and  beautiful.

The service is excellent free shipping and quick delivery. I otdered some items for gifts for my friends. I love shopping

with maxous stores and companies.

06/01/2017, martha
great shopping experience at vera bradley

Martha Zatourian


        I just love shopping with maxous, the vera bradley site has great sales and beautiful items.

      the quality of their bags, wallets , etc  are excellent and very colorful. It is very easy to shop at the websitged and get great bargains. I receive my orders in a couple of day with free shipping. I  buy extra items to keep on hand for gifts 

during the year.I will continue to shop with maxous  offers and vera bradley.

every lady should checkout the vera bradley website.

05/29/2017, Ron
Maxous: This seems to be it!

Ron Portzer

Years ago Alvin Toffler wrote a book entitled, Future Shock, in which he predicted the shock which would come to the "baby boomer" generation as new and unfamiliar technology kicked in. After having a home theft in 1991 I began seriously looking for a way to earn from home. Well, I realized that the new technology would be the "wave of the future". I lost my beautiful spouse, the only child of parents deceased in 1993 and 1999. Brenda was intelligent, a first grade teacher with outstanding credentials. I got her started with the computer in 2000 to keep her occupied after the loss of her mother along with her retirement to take care of her. Great move!

Over a year ago I was introduced to David Meade and have since watched Maxous grow. It seems that Maxous is the answer to the perplexing situation since it is the only platform of its kind which provides "world wide" opportunity. I'm looking forward to getting more knowlegable as this seems to be the most promising opportunity after a near 3 decade search. Looking forward to be involved in this development! We have some great professionals to work with. Thanks to all...David, Barry, Rene, Brian...and all the team of people trying to make life great for themselves and others.

05/06/2017, Susan
Maxous is a Phenomenal, Solid Company!

I can’t express enough how valuable Maxous is to anyone who has a business, or to anyone looking to start one!

The state-of-the-art tools, 24/7 live chat support, as well as the comprehensive, easy-to-follow training webinars and videos are unsurpassed!

Just a few short weeks ago, I knew nothing about Instagram. Now I’m not only gaining followers, but also getting enrollments in my business!

 I love being a part of this supportive community, where I can get hands-on help to increase my business!

They are so innovative, always adding even greater value to the membership. The new website builder is phenomenal and so easy to use!

And where else can you get paid for simply logging in for a few minutes and learning how to increase your own business?!!

And the income potential for sharing this awesome company is astounding! You can earn $2.6 million per year on the matrix alone. That means that even if 9 out of 10 positions are left unfilled, you’ll still earn $260k per year! And that doesn’t include the Fast Start or 100% Matching Bonuses! I like knowing that even if I’m a 99% failure, I’ll still earn $26k per year, plus the bonuses which will more than double that!

Anyone who is in business, or ever considered starting one, NEEDS to be a part of Maxous!

Susan Meade


Theresa Tipton :
Maxous is the BEST business builder...
" If you are any kind of marketer or networker you already know traffic and signups are your two biggest hurdles to jump in order to be successful. MAXOUS has taken the hard part out of finding signups and getting sales to your businesses by helping... "

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