05/06/2017, john
shopping with jet.com

John Zatourian


                            I enjoy our maxous program especially the shopping. I do all my grocery shopping online at

Jet.com. The more you buy the savings gets bigger. Customer service gets 5 stars. Rocket ship dedlivery.

Once you shop at jet.com you will become a lifetime customer.Free shipping for $35.00 order or above.

 I plan to share maxous with everyone I meet. everyone should try jet.com. I love my maxous family.

                                                                                john zatourian

05/04/2017, Coach
Easiest Way To Save On Everything!

Coach B. Early 

Just used my 1st discount on something I was gonna order anyway!   I'm gonna love this whole Maxous deal!

04/16/2017, Deloise
Advertise It All In ONE Spot!
Deloise Mcgaughey
My Maxous is OUT of SITE, Awesome!
I Advertise to the Max with Maxous
Never Seen Before, Never Done Before
This is New, Fun and Exciting. 3 Steps


What Are You Waiting For
Unlimited Business Potential 
Maximize with Maxous!!!
04/07/2017, Jimmie
I've been in Maxous 3 weeks and I'm ALREADY 5 levels deep in my MATRIX and I'm getting DAILY commissions for the Bonus POOL!!!!!
Hello Maxous Family!
I just wanted to let you know how POWERFUL this Program is! This program has been LIFE-CHANGING for my Family and myself. I joined the Maxous Family about 3 weeks ago when I received an email that said something of this effect:
"Hi Jimmie,
Maxous is EXPL0DING W0RLDWIDE and Your Team is Growing Rapidly!
Here’s your TEAM NETWORK UPDATE REPORT! We send this to you, so you can see the activity that’s happening on your team. We’ve been quietly working hard to build your team!......"
....And that's ALL it took for me to get excited!.. Not to mention the fact that I received this email 1:00am EST in the morning while I was headed to bed to get some rest. I turned to my wife and said "Honey, we are signing up first thing in the morning" and that is EXACTLY what I did. I then got to work and I started contacting ALL of my warm market business associates and friends and I told them to JOIN this program immediately while it was still in PRE-LAUNCH and free to sign up. Within a week I personally SPONSORED 25 persons. I simply did NOT want my friends to miss OUT on such a lucrative idea and for them to benefit the way I had quickly.
So far, 2 of them have UPGRADED and out of those two, one of them was a close friend and a GREAT marketer. A "DOMINO EFFECT" started because he began to sponsor people right away as he caught the fire in the Maxous vision. Some of the people he sponsored did the same thing; it was exciting to see my business take off like a ROCKET! I currently have over 130 persons in my DOWNLINE; some have UPGRADED to the GOLD LEVEL which automatically placed them in the 4 by 8 Forced matrix and I am five levels deep in the matrix. What amazing results! As a result, I am making a monthly RESIDIUAL INCOME on everyone in my Matrix. This is SUPER exciting; and I haven't been in the business a FULL month yet!
Oh, I forgot to mention that I am also getting DAILY RESIDUAL INCOME from our Daily Bonus Pool Commissions that are paid out to ALL Gold Members who log into their back office once per day for at least 15 minutes... I call it "EASY MONEY". This ALONE can eventually COVER your monthly Gold Membership Fee of $50 so if you are reading this and you haven't UPGRADED yet, do it IMMEDIATELY you won't regret it.
Let me just REVEAL a personal secret WHY I highly RECOMMEND joining Maxous over ANY other business that's out there. I joined another Home-Based business nearly 2 years ago and I PERSONALLY invested about $2,000 in personal products and in my Team (Downline Members) and my BIGGEST check from that company was about 4 times LESS then what I've ALREADY made with Maxous in 3 weeks!!!!!!!!!! BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
***** TRUE STORY*****
I hope this truly INSPIRED you to ACT on such a Revolutionary Opportunity of a Lifetime... This opportunity is Cutting-Edge, Futuristic, Lucrative and I would say that this is one of the Paradigm Shifts of this generation and you would be SELLING YOURSELF SHORT if you didn't at least take a look at it!
God Bless!.... I'll see you at the TOP!
Jimmie Williams

04/03/2017, Rachel
Great Support!
This is a very exciting opportunity! It's refreshing to see a company that sincerely cares about their members. Everything is very professional and the site works flawlessly! I am proud to be a member of Maxous!
- Rachel
03/30/2017, Theresa
Maxous is the BEST business builder worldwide. Take a look!
If you are any kind of marketer or networker you already know traffic and signups are your two biggest hurdles to jump in order to be successful. MAXOUS has taken the hard part out of finding signups and getting sales to your businesses by helping you get it started. While you are drawing attention to your business you are also drawing attention to MAXOUS and building that business just as fast. its a Win Win situation. It's help where there has not been any help of this magnitude before in your marketing efforts. I just joined 3/29/2017. Scanned over the training and put some of what I learned to work on social media. I sent out 10 text messages, built an AD for one of my signups and got 2 signups within minutes. Where they do that at? Right here at MAXOUS, MIND BLOWING. Miss out and get left out. Get in and stay in. It's just that easy. Besides $50 a month is just a mustard seed compaired to the wealth you can generate by joining MAXOUS. Dont walk, Run on over and signup under the person that invited you. If you happen to have gotten here without a sponsor..here ya go! bit.ly/max819 I got you covered. 
To your success and mine
Theresa Tipton
03/22/2017, Coach
Great Company, Super Concept!
Maxous is bringing the team together very easily and its only been one week!  Looking forward to using all the tools available to help us win BIG!
B. Early Sales and Services, LLC
02/23/2017, Scott
Maxous Training Awesome
Scott Graham hi I started with Maxous 3months ago as one of the first in the world. I took ownership of the available training, videos, webinars and conference calls. Since I was very much a rookie in using social media and really wanted this, I trained daily to get good. Using all the tools and some creativity I received hundreds of likes, comments and tripled my followers on Instagram in two days. I am so excited and thank my mentors for guidance and this amazing never been done before Ecommerce Platform; Maxous! Join us come for the ride of your life 
02/22/2017, Janyne
The Leads On Demand System Rocks
Maxous and TIp have flippped the whole concept of lead generation upside down. THis system flat out works, not only for me but for everyone using it. If you need leads for your business then this is all you need.
Janyne Bennett
Incredible company, leadership, software and Plan!
What an incredible ground floor opportunity to get involved with! Leadership is on the ball and accessible whenever we want.. the Comp Plan is incredible and Maxous is a place where EVERY online marketer can find the best tools to help them promote! 


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