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  • dental help for a 100 year old lady

    This beautiful lady just turned 100 years old. She has 100 percent memory and is healthy.

    She is now on Medicaid and it doesn't cover dental work she has 2 teeth that either need crowns

    or extracted and one other needs filling. She has to go to a surgeon for the extractions

     due to her age, he wants $96. a visit and $500 pr tooth the crowns are 1100 each.

    They reccoment extraction.

    I don't mind taking her but it costs me $20 in my gas tank  each time I go in

    and I just don't have it. I also like to  bring her fresh fruit and vegetables and healthy snacks

    and a few personal things that medicaid just doesn't cover all she needs.

    I am asking for any help to keep her basic quaility of life healthy and happy for her.

    Is soon as I have the money together for at least one of her teerth I will make an appointment

    each time will be $616. and I have to pay upfront.

    Thank you for any help in getting this together for her I will keep everyone informed

    of the progress. Lets help her make 100 her year !!!

  • Help feed 45 kid
    Hello friends Am Godfrey Ssammanda . Working with SSEMMANDA FOUNDATION . It is located in Kampala, Uganda.  Foundation cares for over 45 children, boys and girls, ranging in ages from 2-15 years old. The foundation has been open for a while, year (2014). The needs are great! i have the responsibility of providing shelter, clothing, food, medical needs, and funds for schooling. Just the rent alone is £400 and Food £500 a month. My goal is to raise £5,000. That would pay food  need up for one whole year. I know that would relieve a tremendous burden and free us up to give more time and attention to the many other needs we  face.
    I speak  to you all our friends brothers and sisters  I say that any money would be beneficial and greatly appreciated! I pray that you will join us in helping to raise these much needed funds! My aim is to have the goal meet by February 30th. I know we can do it if we work together!
    Help spread the word!
  • Help fund talented inner city kids to flip there w

    I'm a former Gymnast. Gymnastics is an expensive sport that most inner city kids won't ever have a chance to be involved in. I have a dream! A dream that could help so many talented kids find a place to foster there abilities and talents. I would like to start a non profit gym in a facility here in Elkhart. I need funds to buy equipment. Also to be able to pull in a few of my former team mates to help me coach these kids. Give them a reason to do well in school and teach them the disciplines we learned as gymnasts. Please help me make my dream! Help me to make a difference in a little girl or boys life.

  • School fund

    I currently have an associates degree in applied sciences as an occupational therapy assistant. My body will not allow me to do the physical part and I have a passion to help others. So I'm stuck. I have to work to maintain life yet I'm working a job that doesn't challenge my mind. I want to return to school and give my children the same emotional and financial stability my parents gave me as well as help others by working in the healthcare field.

  • Rebuilding What I Helped Tear Down

    Charlie's Favorite Angels, Inc. is an organization that enhances the social connection between individuals with behavioral health conditions and their reentering partners or parents. Many people with mental and/or substance use disorders are not fully engaged in their communities. Positive engagements through personal relationships, social events, or civic activities can provide many individuals with a purpose or something they can control a positive outcome because they have an environment that promotes healthy relationships, support, and self-control restrictions set by participants. These methods induce behaviors that counteract any feelings of being socially isolated and excluded. We make sense of the negative perceptions, prejudice, and discrimination that contribute to the social exclusion of people living with behavioral health disorders. Here at Charlie's Favorite Angels, Inc., we encourage people to take responsibility by empowering all members of a family that want to play a positive role in preparing our youth to excel within their communities and families. As a member of Just LeadershipUSA, Inc. we advocate for fair and effective criminal and juvenile justice policies. We invest in successful formerly incarcerated leaders from across the US. We also engage a national membership to serve as a base for reform. We believe that the most compelling advocates of change are those who have been directly affected by incarceration. Those closest to the problem are closest to the solution, but furthest from resources and power.

    People living with a combination of these conditions can increase social connections greatly when they have access to recovery-oriented services and establish positive relationships with family and friends. Greater social connections lead to improved economic, educational, recreational, and cultural opportunities that are generally available. Becoming an Angel to someone is a prestigious title and our staff, clients, and supporters all believe in empowering leaders.

    Charlie’s Favorite Angels, Inc. assists our clients with the process of establishing and achieving personal and professional goals. Coaching is more focused on building upon strengths, while counseling has an emphasis on bringing healing to emotional and relational struggles. The key to successful coaching work is finding a coach that is not only knowledgeable in life issues, but is also qualified to address emotional health issues when they arise. Your emotional, physical and spiritual health has a direct impact on your personal and professional relationships and successes. Our many years of “unlawful” experience and our team’s mental health counseling expertise, make us uniquely qualified to offer a complete and well-balanced professional and personal coaching experience.

    One-on-one life coaching requires commitment from both sides. It does not happen overnight, but over an extended period of time, usually weeks to months. In the initial interview, the coach and the client review goals and a desired way of living. Then a schedule is created that outlines a possible for timeframe for success. I’ll be honest with you: one-on-one life coaching isn’t for everyone. It’s hard, soul-searching work with another human being that will guide you in making yourself uncomfortable enough to make the changes you really want. It can be costly, but if you could do it on your own one day….the value in that is priceless! If you’re concerned about either of these aspects, don’t worry: we also offer an more anonymous, cost-effective alternative!

  • Making A Difference in Everybody's Life

    To help people better there families and loved ones.

    The ones who always wanterd to take some extra time off to spend with a family member but couldnt afford to miss  a day of work. 

    To the people who want to take there family on well desreved vacation.

    To the people who want to have a little second income on the side.

    To the people who want to just better there life and not worry living paycheck to paycheck.

    Then Together In Profit is the right way for you to go.



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